Rickrolling as a service.

Deploy instantly

With RaaS you don't have to spend time setting up deployments and redirects. Deploy a rickroll in the click of a button.

Speedy and stable

We built RaaS with goals of high stability and near-zero downtime, so you can rely on us.

Custom domains

Need your own domain? Set it up it up to point to your rickroll in seconds with RaaS.

Multiple memes

Want a different meme such as Bustin? RaaS lets you specify a meme index for ultimate customization.

Say Goodbye to Redirects

Managing redirects and server deployments is tedious. By the time you finish, your target can be long gone. With RaaS, you don't have to worry about any of that.

$ yarn global add raas-cli
$ raas
RaaS CLI v1.0.0
> Meme index is 0
> Code is IOcH3vyLL
SUCCESS Deployment available at https://raas.now.sh/d/IOcH3vyLL

A Flexible API

We have a simple and flexible API so you can integrate RaaS into any of your own projects. Focus on building your product, not debugging our API.

fetch('https://raas.now.sh/api/deploy', {
  method: 'POST',
  body: JSON.stringify({
    key: 'xxx',
    action: 'create',
    memeIndex: 1
  code: 'I9htyZS8N',
  uri: 'https://raas.now.sh/d/I9htyZS8N'

Always Working, Always Online

Your deployment will always point to a working and up-to-date video. We will notify you before making any service changes.

RaaS was built with a goal of never going down, and you can trust us for your vital meming.

Ready to roll?